Our coffee from Rwanda

Our first edition of Fucking Strong Coffee comes from a Direct Trade relationship with the growers of Buhuri, a tiny village tucked in the hills of Rwanda. About 2,000 meters above sea level, the region’s volcanic soil produces distinctive, citrus-forward specialty coffees.

The smallholder farmers of Buhuri are members of Twongerekawa Coko, a cooperative society who we’ve partnered with since August 2018. 

Coko realizes that empowered women make for empowered communities: eight of the twelve members of their leadership council are women, and frequent community meetings offer a forum for women to lead investment and development discussions.

In the past three years, Coko has re-invested the premiums that buyers like us pay to build a water catchment system, purchase a water-saving Colombian machine washer, and increase their biodiversity efforts. These are examples of the type of localized, high-impact sustainability efforts that will allow smallholder farmers to weather fast-approaching climate change challenges. 

Taste: Bright citrus, kiwi, and orange peel.

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Our coffee from Nicaragua

Our second edition of Fucking Strong Coffee comes from Nueva Segovia, a northern Nicaraguan province that hugs the country’s border with Honduras. 

We’ve partnered with Expocamo, an inspiring specialty coffee export project based in Oconal.

Expocamo is working to raise the profile of Nicaraguan specialty coffee by building long-term relationships between their network of small coffee producers and specialty roasters around the globe. Their commitment to trust, transparency, traceability and honesty underlies everything they do.

Expocamo is focused on sustainable development for farmers and their communities. Their team of agronomists, cuppers, and coffee professionals work closely with their growers to steadily increase crop quality and improve the region’s agricultural health. 

Taste: Dark chocolate, raspberry, and passion fruit.


Try our coffee today!

  • AeroPress Coffee Maker


    The perfect way to make the best Fucking Strong Coffee every time. The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure which creates a smooth, rich flavour with lower acidity and without bitterness.

    Other coffee makers drip hot water on to a bed of ground coffee which results in over extracting at the centre and under extracting the flavour from the edges. But the AeroPress brewing system results in uniform extraction for the ultimate in full coffee flavour. The AeroPress comes with full instructions for use; just add your coffee and water!

  • Fucking Strong Coffee from Rwanda


    250g of our day-changing, heart-popping, call-and-tell-your-mom-about-’em specialty beans — sourced ethically from Rwanda, roasted meticulously in Amsterdam, and packed fresh in our signature cans.

    Buhuri, the tiny village where our coffee cherries originate, lies 2000m above sea level near northwestern Rwanda’s volcanic region. These are prime conditions for producing high-quality coffee with a bright, distinctive acidity. You’ll taste crisp citrus, kiwi and orange peel. 

    While we use these puppies for our espresso drinks in our shop, they also feature beautifully when brewed with a French Press, Aeropress, or Moka Pot.

  • Fucking Strong Coffee Gift Bundle


    The whole shebang: an eye-catching mug and tote bag, along with a 100g can of our delicious, ethically-sourced specialty coffee. Only buy this bundle if you — or someone you fucking love — wants to make a statement, likes being showered in compliments, enjoys indulging in damn delicious beverages, and cares about supporting the inspiring farmers and origin partners who make this whole coffee thing possible.

  • Fucking Strong Coffee Mug


    Drink your Fucking Strong Coffee with pride. Dishwasher-safe and envy-inducing, this mug is perfect for your wake-up cup at home, your mid-morning coffee break at the office, or that quick shot of whiskey before bed when you really need it. We don’t judge.

    Available in Rwanda Red or Nicaragua Blue, it’s up to you! Rhyming!

  • Fucking Strong Coffee Tote Bag


    Look at you – you’re stylish, functional, and attention-grabbing. And you should have a tote bag that is, too. Durable and perfect for carrying your coffee, groceries, hopes and dreams.

  • Limited Edition Fucking Strong Coffee from Nicaragua


    250g of our much-anticipated second edition of Fucking Strong Coffee — sourced ethically from Nicaragua, roasted meticulously in Amsterdam, and packed fresh in our signature cans.

    This edition is a beautifully balanced “micro-blend” from a small network of growers in the northern province of Nueva Segovia. You’ll taste dark chocolate, raspberry, and passion fruit. 

    As an Omniroast, we’ve made sure you can enjoy these beans using filter or espresso brewing methods. They work especially well on stovetop Moka Pots, as well as filter machines and Aeropresses.

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