About Our Coffee

We source our Fucking Strong Coffee from Buhuri, a tiny village in the northwest of Rwanda.

The smallholder farmers of Buhuri are members of Twongerekawa Coko, a cooperative society that operates out of their collectively-owned washing station about two hours from Kigali. The cooperative, led by a majority-female leadership council, is committed to alleviating regional poverty through high-quality coffee production and women-focused community investment. In short, they do things Fucking Right, and we’re beyond proud to partner with them.

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Buhuri lies in a volcanic region around 2000m above sea level, making its mineral-rich soil ideal for producing distinctive, flavorful specialty coffee. Once our beans make their way to Amsterdam, we carefully roast them to accentuate their bright acidity. Crisp and bold, you’ll taste notes of kiwi and peach. And then you’ll ask for another cup.

We want our brand to not just catch eyes, but change minds. Specialty coffee is dominated by minimalism and pretentious language. What results is a whole bunch of monotony, and what feels like exclusion. But, coffee isn’t caviar and “specialty” doesn’t need to mean “snobby.” We feel Fucking Strongly that high-quality, ethically-sourced specialty coffee should appeal to the many not the few, so we brand and talk about ourselves in more playful, approachable ways.

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